Niche Marketing & Membership Sites: A Dynamic Duo Whose Time Has Come?

Consider establishing a membership site around your well-honed niche marketing efforts. Could be just the dynamic duo needed to explode your Internet marketing business.The E-book writing and website copywriting business offers more rewards than you might imagine. Not only is business online thriving for many of us, we're typically exposed to enormous amounts of new information. Much of it is stuff we can actually use. You might find some of it useful, too.

This is why I'd love to create a blog focused on the theme The Fascinating Stuff I Learn by Writing Someone's E-book or Website Copy. But alas, when recently ghost writing an e-book with a heavy bent on "nichefying," I learned that a blog focused this way might not be the best business-building approach. There's not much of a market for what I personally am learning. (Or is there?)

One's niche, I was reminded, should get right down to the lowest common denominator. In other words, it can be wasteful to advertise that you're, say, (just another) website designer. Instead, it's best to cull it waaay down to a specialty. For example, website creation exclusively for law firms or artists or health care organizations.

For more on niche marketing, check out:
-- Texas A&M University (Free PDF Report)
-- And this YouTube video:

We also handled website copy for a well-credentialed NYC business coach. This project led to a brush-up on the mastermind phenomena that's swept the Internet. If you're like I was -- not exactly sure of what masterminding is -- it's about bringing together a group of talents to help strategize how to move your business or practice fast-forward.

Our client, like some savvy others on the Internet, is establishing a mastermind group by teleconference. Hers, like many others, is a membership site, where she asks a $100 per month recurring fee to participate on her monthly conference calls. I'm impressed; I'm considering joining her mastermind group once it's officially launched. Bet I could learn lot in these sessions... Who couldn't use the help of an online business guru?

So wasn't the timing of Internet marketing expert John Chow uncanny?. . .

A day after completing the website copy project for the NYC business coach, John Chow issued to his email subscribers a free report for his joint venture (JV) partner Yaro Starek. Yaro is the successful go-getter behind Entrepreneur's Journey. His new venture is called Membership Site Mastermind. Pay to join and he'll walk members through the process of setting up their own membership site.

John Chow's email offered a link to get a copy of Yaro's viral report on setting up a membership site. I signed up to download Yaro's free report without hesitation. If you're interested, I highly recommend you sign up to get the viral report, too. Let me tell you, it is awesome.

So, through working on various ebook writing and copywriting projects, I learned a lot about two increasingly popular approaches to make money online:
1. Hone your niche down to a fine "long tail" science and then,
2. Offer your services not just on a one-on-one coaching basis, but as a one-to-many membership site driven model.

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