Are You Leaving Money on the Table With These Two Common Mistakes?

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By Veronica Lim (Guest Blogger)

Are you getting enough income? Do you wonder how it is that other entrepreneurs seem to be able to get all the business they want while you struggle in relative terms?

When the economy is in a downturn, people are more careful about how and where they spend their money. Therefore, the rules of the game in our economy as we have it today are different.

But here's the thing. Whether we're in a buoyant time or a downturn, the fact is, people still love to buy. And as entrepreneurs, it's up to us to help them buy from us, if what we have resonates with them. But many entrepreneurs make two common mistakes that leave money on the table.

(1) Are you giving your clients something to buy at all?
For many coaches, consultants and service professionals, there is only one offering - the one-on-one service. That's it. When a client feels complete with one-on-one coaching, as an example, there is no other option available to them. Either they have personal individual coaching or nothing.

Some years ago, I offered a workshop. At the end of the series, the participants asked if there was another course that they could do. They were hungry for more! They were itching to pay me, to buy from me, and I had nothing.

By contrast, if, at the end of the first workshop series, I had been able to say, "A great follow-on to this workshop is..." How easy would it have been to get participants for that follow-on workshop? Effortless! They were already asking for it. Yet, I made life more challenging for myself by not offering the "obvious next step."

That is a mistake that many solo-entrepreneurs make - not having something else that people can buy from them. People like variety and when they find someone with whom they resonate, they will buy many things that are available from that same person.

It's the same as when we like a particular author. We buy the first book and enjoy it and then we buy the next one and the next one. Or a brand of shoes or from a particular shop that stocks goods that is to our taste. We just keep going back for more because we like to buy.

So give your clients several options, not just one. Perhaps you'll offer a 3-month coaching package as well as a 6-month coaching package, or you might have a group coaching program instead, or a home study version of topics you'll cover with them. This gives them more than just a single option which forces them to either take it or leave it.

As an example, take a look at my website. You'll find VIP Coaching, the Business Success Circle which provides some small group coaching, and you'll also find e-books.Clients often want something, if only you provided it.

(2) Are you giving them what they want?
Often, we get an idea about something that we think is great! So we create a product and put it out to the market. We fall in love with our own idea or product. Then we're disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm that comes back. What happened?

It could be that we didn't package it right. Or it could be that no one wants what we have to offer.

To get around making this mistake, ask. It's as simple as that. Ask your customer or client what it is that they want. What is it that would be the answer to their burning question right now?

Then ask them how they want it packaged. Perhaps they want it in book form, or audio, or video, or e-course, or a teleclass, or a workshop, or some combination of those.

Before you create your offering, do some market research by asking the people already on your list what they want and how they want it. Then create your offering to give them exactly what they say they want. It's a foolproof way to make sure you get it right! And there are even free tools to help you do your survey, like

People love to buy. Do you have anything else on offer that you can have them buy from you? And if you do, is it what they want and they most want it packaged? Ask them, listen and then deliver it in the unique way that only you can.

And by the way, remember to tell them what you have on offer too. This is often referred to as "marketing" (wink)... don't shy away from it.

© 2009 Veronica Lim

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