Sales Copy Writing Tips (Free E-book)

sales copy writing tips for e-book writing and e-book marketing I've done some updates to my e-book writing tips & copy writing ebook selling mini-site. For one, I've made a different portion of the ebook the free sample: a good chunk of the copy writing tips chapter!

You can get the free ebook download at Hope you find this step-by-step to copy writing useful and purchase the full 76-page e-book.

Shameless plug aside, I've got to say I stay amazed by the search engine and SEO function in Internet marketing... I'd also decided to update my mini-site's browser line, the wording in the blue band across the top of your computer screen. (The keywords you put in your browser line help people who're Googling find your site on the first page of results.)

So I used Google's AdWords Keyword Tool to research the popularity of key ebook-related terms. Here's what I found:

  • Tips on writing an ebook - 1,000 (people searched this term in February)
  • Tips for writing an ebook - 480
  • How to write an e book - 320
  • How to write an ebook - 1,300
  • How to write a ebook - 22,000 (!)
  • Create ebooks - 590
  • Write ebook - 390
  • Writing an ebook - 390
  • Ebook writing software - 170
  • How to sell ebooks - 1,900
  • Ebook package - 260
  • Ebook download - 6,600
  • Ebook writer - 320
  • Download ebooks - 4,400

Similarly, I did some homework on Google's search pages, to analyze again the competition. This shows how many different options there are for sites where something about e-book writing is available (and what I learned):

  • Tips on writing an e-book - 4,500,000
  • Tips for writing an e-book - 18,900,00
  • Tips on writing an ebook - 4,510,000
  • Tips for writing an ebook - 4,510,000
  • Ebook writing - 397,000
  • E-book writing - 54,000,000
  • How to write a ebook - 1,350,000 (but no exact match on the poor usage)
  • How to write a e-book - 48,600,000 (but no exact match on the poor usage)
  • There's still quite a spelling war between ebook and e-book
  • Looks like e-book is winning (regardless of Google's suggestion that it's correctly spelled ebook)

So what did I discover, and what fiercely strategic move has it prompted? ... It's leds me to appreciate the potential value in e-book sales by actually typing THIS sentence with a link:

If you want insider secrets to

HOW TO WRITE A E-BOOK, just click!

(Hey, why fight it?)

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