Twitter - A Novel Idea (Literally!)

Calling all writers with a hot fiction book or manuscript needing promotions. Get a load of this out-of-the-box way to get exposure for your book on Twitter. It's pretty fascinating; I learned about it on Darren Rowse's (Problogger) Twitter-centric blog.

Darren says a few Twitter members are "publishing" their novels through Twitter tweets. Which basically means you're sharing your work at a rate of about two sentences at a time. If you've written a real page-turner, this'll keep 'em on the edge of their seats! ... Waiting for you to come back later in the day (or whenever) and type in another couple sentences.

If you're a writer, here's a nice way to gain viral exposure. If you're self-published through Lulu, BookSurge, or a similar POD service, this might build your following and stimulate book sales.

The Twitter crowd seems sprinkled with influencers. So who knows? Maybe a literary agent or traditional publisher will discover and enjoy your novel tweets, too.

I'm tempted to dust off my suspense novel and see what happens...

For details on how this cool book promotion idea works, visit Darren @ TwiTip and read How to Start a Twitter Novel.

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