The Obama Brand - Insights from Alltop Bloggers

President-elect Barack Obama and Vice-president elect Joe Biden shown on-stage on election night
Go behind-the-scenes with the Obama family on election night.
Photos courtesy of David Katz on Flickr

I've been searching a lot lately. It's a great "digital magazine rack" for quickly learning what the best websites and blogs are saying in any given category. Very clean and user-friendly; very selective about site inclusion, thereby ensuring top quality.

So I automatically turned to Alltop in search of Obama brand fodder for this post. Here are 3 great Obama brand marketing blog posts I discovered:

1. At Ries Pieces on the business of branding, this pre-election post. Turns out the author correctly predicted the outcome of an Obama brand win in her post, McCain vs. Obama. Coke vs. Pepsi.

2. The BrandBuilder Blog offers this fascinating analysis in Obama vs. McCain: How Social Media Started to Change the Game in '08. Provides a long list of social media campaign metrics such as those comparing the number of Twitter tweets messaged by Obama and McCain.

3. Last but not least, a superb white paper at by Patt Cottingham. The document analyzes every brand element of the McCain and Obama campaigns -- from their promises to logos to VP picks and wives. After reading this PDF, remember the election results. You'll see that we're rebranding America!

But for little ol' you and me, the takeaway from these brand marketing articles is this:

If you want your small business to pay off, do things to distinguish your brand: Your services, presentation, communication channels, tone, content message, and more. Being good isn’t good enough. We have to be good in various areas. Every field is crowded; differentiate every aspect of your venture similar to how the Obama campaign did. Think style and substance. Demonstrate high integrity.

In another campaign life, John McCain might have outspent Barack Obama in advertising. But I suspect the outcome would have been the same. The values embodied by the Obama platform simply were more heartily embraced by more people. We bought Obama, we bought his notion of change for America, we bought hope for a brighter future...

Obama's brand of red, white and blue "soap" sold to landslide victory scale. Similarly, we can all "scub-up." Upgrade your brand identity and spotlight your value. Now's the right time to take to market a more irresistible version of brand YOU.

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