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Mind mapping and brainstorming thoughts for creatives and all Internet entrepreneurs who want to make money online
I wanted very much to write an Obama Brand Marketing post. His was one of the most brilliant presidential campaigns ever, according to many expert accounts and the obvious historic result. But I don't have adequate time to do the topic justice today. Instead, I'll just share a few new links I'm liking.

The links are primarily for writers, but the compelling thought and approaches shared may benefit anyone. You see, in my goal of continuous improvement for Pet Leopard Communications ( ), I'm planning an analysis of People, Processes, and Technology, as recommended by a book I'm reading: "Outsmart! How to Do What Your Competitors Can't" by Jim Champy.

I recommend the book, which provokes thought by hyper-analyzing how many innovative new business models took flight. But I also so hope you find the following resources as valuable:

~ "Tribes" author Seth Godin is interviewed by HarperCollins and tells what's wrong with how the publishing industry thinks. And how it must refocus to meet the Internet economy. It's a refocus we could all benefit from, whether we're selling web design services, jewelry, green products, photography, baked goods, consulting services, or a book.

~ Merlin Man at provides creatives countless prods in the butt to get 'em going. That pitchfork... Taser!... might suggest new ways to organize your to-do list, how to freshen your blogging fodder, how to invigorate your PowerPoint presentation -- and much more.

~ Managing Your Career With Mind Maps at Geekpreneur. This long article takes me back to my need to think about People. Processes and Technology. Here's an excellent step-by-step to identify and evaluate more viable revenue streams within your grasp. It's about inventorying your possible untapped skills -- those which you enjoy -- and deciding what makes sense to add to your menu of services or merchandise mix.

Now, in the spirit of disclosure... I found the Mind Mapping article at Geekpreneur because the site's owner contacted me on a business matter regarding the site and his other, Photopreneur. He discovered me because as a photography hobbyist, I sometimes comment on his superb site. He came here, downloaded my free photography ebook, and contacted me because he valued what he saw of my skills and thinking. Again: viral reports work. They're a great investment of minimal time and money.

I cannot stress enough how much business comes my way through blogging, having a website, and giving away my knowledge in these free ebooks and viral marketing reports. Simply put, these are excellent ways to showcase what you've got. Strategically put, they are my killer sales people while I'm asleep or working on other projects.

As I write this, President-Elect Barack Obama is holding his news conference in his new, official capacity. If any of the financial issues he's discussing impact you, and you're ready to quell them, get on it. Obama is living proof that you can do it!!! Brainstorm. Believe. Figure a creative way around deficits and barriers. Seek partners. Execute with disclipline.

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