Sarah Palin: Boss of the Biden Debate

Candidates for vice president Sarah Palin and Joe Biden both have their work cut out for them during the October 2 debate in St. Louis, Washington University
While the nation waits with baited breath for the debate between vice presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, one thing is for sure: The Republicans will manufacture an insult to women, whether Joe Biden actually delivers one or not.

That's just the way the Republican machine works. It is masterful at spinning not-so-much into headline news. In fact, I'm certain they've already created a watch list and have several fill-in-the-blanks press releases and talking point memos ready to release immediately following the debate -- aimed at riling women about how Biden offended Palin (and all women).

But the truth is this: Many women -- the proud and so-called bitches of the world -- are perfectly capable of holding their own. Just ask any red-blooded American husband. They will essentially tell you that many of today's women are not wired to lose an argument. Most of us must have the last word. It is our nature to discern the weaknesses in a man's thinking, and many of us are challenged to keep quite about them.

Likewise, women who succeed in business are pretty tough cookies -- so are those who excel in politics. Women don't need the PR spin meisters to change the game. We are capable of looking smart without smoke and mirrors... A woman in Sarah Palin's position is expected to take and deliver a verbal punch like it's nobody's business. We don't need molly coddling; we prove every day that our thinking is darned sharp.

Palin, after all, has entered the limelight on the high heels of Senator Hillary Clinton. Love her or hate her, Clinton effectively removed any doubt that she could handle or flub the job of president on par with any man. Accepting less from Palin would symbolize a painful step backward for us good old gals.

I can't imagine that Senator Biden will make the huge mistake of calling Governor Palin sweetie or make any similar deeply offensive remark. But issue for issue, all else is fair game. His job is to spotlight her deficiencies, and Palin's is to spotlight his. If Sarah Palin isn't tough enough to take on Biden, she certainly doesn't want to walk the path of George Bush or Dick Chenney.

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