Like the Mad Hatter, Blogging In WWWonderland

Blogging is a wonderful form of self-expression and a good business-builder. But so much is involved, you'll wind up wearing many hats.
I just read a very well thought-out blog post over at DoshDosh about the many tasks one has to handle as a blogger. If you're a blogger, you'll get lots of helpful thoughts not only from the write-up, but from the numerous comments, too.

If you're not yet a blogger but are considering starting a blog, the DoshDosh article will either overwhelm you into delaying this. Or hopefully, it will energize you to finally "just do it" and start off on a solid, strategic footing.

As DoshDosh articulates, there are far too many hats to wear as a blogger... not enough time to think and plan the way you should. In the simplest of cases, a blogger usually is:
  • Editor-in-chief (i.e., "The Decider." The person who determines what to fill the space with. This role is about quality control and ensuring that what you're putting on the blog is interesting enough to make people spend their precious time reading it.)

  • Writer (i.e., "The Wordsmith." The person who connects the dots about a topic and puts it all together on paper/screen. This often means you have to do a bit of online research to be sure you know your stuff and/or add a few hot angles to make the story more well-rounded and informative.)

  • Art Director (i.e., "The Artist." The person responsible for making everything visually appealing. Words pack a punch, but only a picture can engage with immediacy.)

Why, that's three "jobs" already! And we haven't even mentioned the other crucial "hats" that bloggers wear, including:
  • Promotions person, whose job it is to let the world know your blog exists. This role keeps a blogger quite busy at social bookmarking sites, social networking online, and signing up and setting up profiles in new directories.

  • Advertising or Affiliate Marketing executive, who might be needed if you want to make money online with your blog. You'll need to spend time setting up revenue streams, monitoring them, and getting the cash!

The bottom line: If you're already serious about blogging and find it too time-consuming to keep fresh, it may be time to hire a freelance writer. It is staggering the number of bloggers and website owners who farm out the heavy writing responsibilities nowdays. At a freelance site like Elance or Guru, numerous writers will bid on your project; you pick the best one you can afford.

You can also consider buying some PLR content. Private Label Rights content is professionally written articles, ready-made for you to buy, often quite affordably. Of course, PLR articles in some niches is easier to find than others. For instance, categories like electronics, cooking, parenting, health, fitness, affiliate marketing, fashion and beauty are among the easiest topics to find PLR content for.

There are even PLR membership sites that cater to those who want an ongoing selection of copy from which to choose for their blogs and websites.

So when it comes to blogging, remember the adage: Work smarter, not harder. It's fun and it can be rewarding both as a form of self-expression and financially. Just don't let the constant to-do's of it wear you out first.

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