Fashion Webzines - In the Brand-building Spotlight

There was a time when I fashioned myself a bit of a fashion insider. I did my share of modeling in high school and college; my first job out of college was that of fashion events coordinator for a Philadelphia department store chain. Many of my favorite friends are still fashionable and chic and connected.

But I became "distracted" over the years, more involved with the corporate marketing world. So my exposure to the fashion world these days is limited to reading the award-winning column by Robin Givhan of the Washington Post and whatever's on the mind of the New York Times' excellent fashion and lifestyle writers.

And this is what's on their mind today: Where the Fashionistas Go For a Quick Fix. The article features a fashion shot from a webzine called, which I'm sorry to say I wasn't even familiar with...

According to the NYT:
"Conceived to mimic mainstream glossies, titles like, and draw international readerships in the hundreds of thousands. But unlike their newsstand competitors, these publications exist exclusively online, updating weekly or even daily, and offering a sense of community that conventional monthlies cannot replicate."
Oh well. Now we know what we're missing. Or maybe I should speak for myself?

Ultimately, my point is that after visiting a few of these ultra hip fashion webzines, I was inspired...

The fashion webzines in the NYT piece are well positioned to become must-have paid membership sites. This is something we should all keep in mind. There'll come a day when the balance of free websites vs. members-only sites will experience a sizemic shift. Now's the time to cultivate the required loyalty, content focus, and other elements necessary to be in position to ride the next wave.

Do you have a vision statement and plan for your blog and/or website? How will you grow your online presence? How will you carve your niche and stake your claim in cyberspace? Isn't what you have to say or offer far more important than your blog today feels? How will you close the gap and take the quantum leap forward?

Time for renewed FOCUS!

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