SEO Doctor to Follow Her Own Advice

I'm not trying to turn this into a digital photography blog, but I'm about to -- for the third time in a row -- post about digital photography, photography marketing, etc. Kind of. If this isn't your cup of tea but Internet marketing is, this post may still be relevant to you. The real point of this post is to share some interesting search engine marketing (SEO) and traffic building insights I've noticed from my previous two blog posts, both of which had to do with digital photography (darn it! ;-).

Lesson #1:
For effective SEO practices, repeat your keywords and key phrases and repeat them 3 to 5 times. I say this because while I'm excited about having more people pop in and grab a copy of my free ebook on selling digital photography, looking at my traffic statistics I see that I simply didn't use the phrase digital photography enough in recent posts. I searched Google hoping the previous post would appear maybe near the bottom of the digital photography tips results page... nada. So I'm disappointed by the fact that I'm just not pulling from Google when it comes to interesting new traffic in my free ebook on photography. Very stiff competition for the key phrase digital photography. Guess I'm a bit spoiled...

Lesson #2:
Pick several MAJOR niche forums, network and blogs and comment -- and they will come. A little highly relevant comment I left at Digital Photography School and a Ning photography site I belong to, PictureSocial, have reaffirmed that to increase traffic on your site, this tactic about leaving quality comments in the right places is awesome. Of course, the real carrot was that my comment offered something possibly high-value for FREE. And free ebooks -- or free anything -- gets most of us going like Pavlov's dog.

Lesson #3:
Speaking of free... For the July 4th holiday, I offered some free fine art photography note cards when you subscribe to this blog. Well, I'm ecstatic that several people have subscribed... but my feelings are a little hurt that only two of them emailed asking for my lovely photo note cards (LOL). I don't want this to mean what I suspect it may mean: I can't give these darned things away?! Well, maybe I'm not working that offer well enough with the right audience. I haven't gotten around to marketing this offer at photography sales sites like Etsy, RedBubble, etc. As Rev. Jesse Jackson would say, "Keep hope alive." (At least that was the kind of innocuous thing Jackson used to say.)

Lesson #4:
Viral marketing is wonderful -- and viral marketing works. A nice number of people are catching my photography report "virus" and are passinging the word along. For example, this nice but brief mention by a U.K. lady named Nikki over at Ecademy Club, a business network, has also sent an impressive amount of traffic here for my free photography ebook, Earn Extra Income In a Snap! Selling Your Digital Photography Online and Offine. Thanks, Nikki!

Lesson #5:
The spam concerns online are just too strict and out of hand, I feel. As much time as I spend on Flickr posting my digital photography and commenting, I'm not allowed to post my banner or a link here within my photo stream where all the people with whom I network will easily learn about my free ebook. It's frustrating. Darn it.

Bottom line: When it comes to SEO and getting a higher Google rank with a new keyword, it's "Doctor, doctor heal thyself."

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