Viral Reports - An Affiliate Marketing Favorite

Don't you love the idea of creating a viral marketing campaign that can spread your brand, affiliate marketing venture or business like wildfire? I'm talking about a free viral marketing success that exposes your products or services to perhaps a half-million people within months.

It's not so difficult to do, says PR pro David Meerman Scott, whose now legendary viral marketing campaign success in 2006 put his name on the cybermap. Meerman Scott far exceeded his goal of generating numerous new clients, speaking engagements, and pre-selling his book with this hot viral PDF: The New Rules of PR.

Now, those in affiliate marketing have brought viral marketing to a level approaching fine art. Well, maybe not "art," but certainly affiliate marketers figured out a success system that everyone in Internet marketing -- regardless of what we're selling -- would be wise to give a shot.

A viral report really is no more than your thoughts on a subject. Of course, the more your thinking aims to solve a problem that many people need help with, the better. This is the key to viral report success.

While the traditional system of viral marketing involves freely giving away your goodies (i.e., information) and encouraging everyone else to do the same, the model has morphed quite a bit.

Particularly if you're trying to build an affiliate marketing business, it's best to offer recipients of your viral report additional beneficial tools -- beyond your wealth of how-to information.

Here's a snapshot of some of the most popular viral tactics, those that go a step or two beyond old school brand-building (e.g., the way Meerman Scott's PDF on the new PR rules):

1. Offer giveaway rights. Here, you're encouraging others to give away your report freely, to as many people as they'd like. Your only stipulation is that links to your website, affiliate commission products, and/or services you direct sell cannot be touched. Particularly if you're an affiliate marketer, you'd load up your viral report or ebook with links to all the ClickBank, Commission Junction, and other products you'd like to profit from.

2. Include resell rights to your viral report. This specially benefits the recipient because you're granting them legal permission to actually sell your information product (unaltered) and keep the profits. All of your links must remain in tact. You benefit over and over, as a legion of affiliate sellers showcase your information product (or software). They make the direct ebook profits, but you're racking up sales and commissions from the links that people are clicking inside.

3. Promote rebranding rights of your viral report. With this approach, you're actually selling ownership of your e-book. However, you are selling ownership of it to multiple people. I repeat: multiple. Those who purchase your wonderful info product then have your permission to completely remove your name and any links to things you might have earned a commission on. The new owners will be replacing these with her own name, e-cover, ebook title, and money-making links. You'll see bastardized versions of your viral baby down the line. But hopefully you'll have earned enough from the initial sales not to get too tearful about what's become of your original work.

To create rebrandable viral reports -- which there's a HUGE market for these days -- it's best to use rebranding software. Using viral marketing products to save your viral report allows those who buy rights to switch out your links, and insert their own.

You might even give away the rebranding software itself -- as a bonus for buyers. Talk about problem solving and presenting a solution! You're giving the customer just about everything they need to get started.

Some rebranding software is free, some of it isn't. If you go this route, check the terms before you buy. Be sure you're allowed to pass it on to your buyers as a bonus incentive.

And if you use free software, be sure there aren't other bothersome restrictions in place to make you trade up and pay up later.

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