Entrecard - Rated X

Hi there. Janie-come-lately here, just getting up to speed on the Entrecard craze. What a well thought-out way to help build blog traffic. It was a bit much to absorb it all when I first registered, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it.

I hadn't planned to write about Entrecard, but after discovering this post on the blog Entrecard Favorites, I just had to put my thoughts down...

The post is about some of the sexy Entrecard graphics floating around cyberspace. The series of ECs showcased on the post depict ladies undies.

Why am I writing about this? Because I was so relieved to find that post about those lady bloggers' sexy Entrecards!

You see, I was typing something earlier today about my ebook, and I wrote that it was a sexy little ebook. And then I backspaced it away, thinking that people who read that would wonder if I suffered some sort of sex addiction.

Ha! I'll never tell. ;-) But I think it's absolutely wonderful that those of us who blog are free to be "me" and self-express for free.

Since I was too chicken to express my sexual self, I resorted to ebook violence:

Ready to create an ebook? Visit to find out the best way how!

Okay. Now that that's off my breast -- I mean chest -- here are a few Entrecard-themed sites you may actually find valuable:

  • Entrecard Favorites (same blog that posted about those great undies-themed Entrecards)

  • Entrecard Cookbook (blog about a fun Entrecard ebook that fans of the advertising system are volunteering to create)

  • The Entrecarder (a good site to learn EC news and insider views)

  • To Your Benefits (good blog design and helpful info for EC newbies)

  • GorillaSushi (Jason's popular humor blog is where I first heard of EC quite a while back... just took me a minute to catch up)
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