7 Easy Steps to Ebook Profits

People from all walks of life are creating their own ebooks and viral reports, and loving the financial rewards and special opportunities they help create. There's no reason you can't do it, too!

Ebook publishing is one of the least expensive businesses you can start. That’s because it doesn’t matter whether you sell or distribute just one or 1,000 copies of your information product. Your production cost remains the same, fixed at whatever minimal investment you’ve made to create the first copy.

The affordability factor alone is a strong driver in the ebook publishing movement. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up each day and find two- or three-hundred extra dollars in your PayPal account? Multiply this times seven days a week – even while you sleep – and you’ll know why so many are doing it.

Meanwhile, your ebook allows you to showcase your expertise before numerous influencers you get it to. When done well, your ebook becomes your resume or audition demo on steroids! It provides an engaging way to pitch all manner of opportunities you’d like to pursue, to grow your business presence, hobby or industry influence.

What follows are the 7 key steps to getting your own ebook created and to the marketplace, to take a quantum leap forward in achieving your dreams:

Step #1: Decide on your ebook topic, usually something you already know quite a bit about. Next, homework. Learn the information products that are considered hot sellers in your category and why. Do this by browsing the search engines, forums and ebook sales sites such as Clickbank and eBay. Save and file the best of it in your “Swap File.”

Step #2: Use your Swap File and vision to create your Table of Contents as an outline. Identify any information gaps and pull more background information for your Swap File. It’s best to organize and have all the background information you need before you begin writing.

Step #3: Write (or completely rewrite) the ebook content yourself, hire a ghostwriter, or buy existing ebook content (called PLR) that’s sold online to make it easy for you. You can inexpensively purchase rights to use ebook material others have written, customizing it to completely make your own.

Step #4: Obtain feedback on your ebook product. Always have a few people read the work before you release it publicly. This can be a friend, co-worker or someone online you trust. If a member of your target audience gives it a read for you, that’s even better. Ask them to write a testimonial about how great your book is, and use these comments and endorsements in your marketing material.

Step #5: Decide whether you’ll market the ebook on your existing website, or if it deserves its own separate site. The best practice, however, is to establish a separate website or mini-site. If you don’t currently own a website, two of the more popular, affordable and easiest sources are and

Step #6: Some people write their own marketing and sales copy; others hire a copywriter, an expert to get this done best. If not well written and presented, you’re sabotaging your chances of making sales.

Step #7: Create your marketing plan and implement it. Using strong SEO (search engine optimization) techniques on your book’s sales site is crucial, but so is networking offsite to drive even more traffic your way. Allowing affiliate marketers to sell your ebook for a percentage of the profits is an important system to establish. Also, most ebook publishers spend money to advertise online, even if it’s $200 to start. Of course, some infopreneurs spend little to nothing and their wares still sell well. But if possible, at least start with Google AdWords.

About the Author:Viqi French is the author of Create Killer Ebooks and Sales Letters: The Power Tool for Ebook-driven Wealth Online and Offline. (

An ebook ghostwriter and sales copywriter, Viqi’s online marketing consultancy is ( Through Pet Leopard, she helps clients strategically develop and then creates quality ebooks, viral reports, white papers and those killer sales letters that never end!

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