10 Internet Marketing Tips to Build Traffic

Internet marketing effectively is hard work. If you want to increase traffic for a website or blog, you have to work an organized plan with strong commitment.

So when it comes to branding your products or services online, map out a strategy that 1) seems fun and therefore less tedious and 2) can become a quick to-do routine.

What follows are 10 Internet marketing tactics and branding activities that can increase traffic on your website or blog. Whether you seek to sell downloads such as e-books, build a business providing graphic design services or attract more customers to your membership site, try integrating a few of these into your regular marketing routine.

If you're already frequently doing some of these, try adding two or three new ones to your weekly traffic-building workout:

Increase Traffic Tip 1 -- Create unique, high quality content. Add content once a day if you're smart. Twice daily if you're brilliant! (Perhaps this is why Twitter has become so popular. Only there is it okay to write one sentence and move on.)

Increase Traffic Tip 2 -- Do your keyword research homework. If you don't want to pay for a keyword service, use Google Advertising's Keyword Tool. Once you determine the keywords and key phrases likely to attract your target audience, stay focused on writing them into as much of your content as possible. Without getting totally redundant, of course.

Increase Traffic Tip 3 -- Submit your website or blog to niche directories. Be sure to search for those which are specifically populated by your target audience and potential customer types. Increasingly, you have to pay a small membership fee to get listed on some of these. But for the one-way link back to your website and targeted exposure you'll get, it could be well worth it.

Increase Traffic Tip 4 -- Implement article marketing. Commit to quickly writing and uploading to at least 10 article directories per week. Also submit your articles to newsletters.

Increase Traffic Tip 5 -- Improve the page titles on your website and blog posts. Make them directly reflect your keywords and key phrases.

Increase Traffic Tip 6 -- Create your own newsletter marketing initiative. Fill your newsletter with content that really helps and informs readers. Include links to your website or blog, but don't let your self-promotional efforts get too much in the reader's way.

Increase Traffic Tip 7 -- Become active in two niche forums. Choose forums that are well-trafficked and where you can contribute as well as learn. Include a link to your site(s) in your forum signature file.

Increase Traffic Tip 8 -- Write white papers and epublish free reports. Make your expert information available at as many free directories as you can. In fact, commit to publishing your viral report in at least three new places per week. For help with viral reports and white papers, contact

Increase Traffic Tip 9 -- Start your own group or forum on mega sites such as Ning and BlogCatalog. I recently started Viral Reports Swap Meet at BlogCatalog and I'm delighted that a few people have already signed up.

Increase Traffic Tip 10 -- Comment regularly on blogs serving your niche. Creating these backlinks to your own blog or website is an investment. The more you comment on sites relevant to yours, the greater your exposure will be across the web for a very long time.

Bonus Tip: Implement a Joint Venture plan. Start an email campaign to contact a number of influential and active website owners, offering whatever resources you can for a mutually beneficial exchange!

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