How to Write Ebooks and Sales Letters

Whew!! Well, the labor pains have just about subsided: I've finally given birth to my very own ebook! It, of course, is an ebook about how to write an ebook. But it also goes in-depth into how to write a sales letter or marketing sales copy, too.

It's titled Create Killer Ebooks and Sales Letters and I hope you'll go check it out! Well, I actually hope you'll decide to do more than just "check it out." ;-D But for now, please pop over to my ebook mini-site and let me know what you think:

By the way, I'm seeking more testimonials to include on my ebook sales site. So if you buy the ebook and like it, please shoot me a message letting me know! Please write info [at] petleopard [dot] com.

If you're at all interested in writing a quality ebook and/or sales letters, this ebook will definitely help you. I poured into it just about everything I know, based on my being one of the ebook ghostwriters who's done her fair share -- and loves it! But the book also delves into ebook strategies re: leveraging the book for big offline pursuits. These could include media and corporate tie-in opportunities, and much more.

Everyone has at least three or four easy how-to ebooks within. What would be your ebook topics? They needn't be of biblical proportions. But if think of a great topic for a 10-page viral report even, this could be the mustard seed from which your empire grows.

Wish me luck and here's wishing you the very same!

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