SlideShare: Social Media for PR Dummies

Really, the new SlideShare viral PowerPoint in the sidebar could be titled "How to Teach a PR Dog a New Trick." Because the social media guru behind it does a great job of articulating why and how Public Relations practitioners have to approach bloggers differently for media coverage.

When pitching bloggers and zine site owners, it's best to take a few steps back -- slow our usual roll, says author Jeremy Pepper. New rules of engagement apply.

This how-to on social media outlines the new communications etiquette for us. It's as if Pepper has thrown the old PR crowd a proverbial bone. (View it in the Sidebar.)

Also, glimpe the future of publicity as MarketWire envisions it: a Social Media News (Press) Release.

Inquire at about dynamic PowerPoint documents and business-building slide show presentations.

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