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In the Book of Love it says you have to give some to get some. So this Valentine's Day, let's consider the romance we're spreading across the Internet. How sweet is our special information and service "kiss" for those with whom we're building email relationships?

If you're implementing email newsletter marketing, here's some food for thought: If you're trying to direct-sell your stuff, you may be missing the marketing sweet spot. So think about these three e-newsletter kisses that may make more email recipients "bite."

Newsletter copy is best when there's a link to the entire article 1. Is your email newsletter sweet and to the point? It takes too long to read a book inside one email. Give newsletter readers the headlines and a tasty sample (e.g., a killer lead paragraph), and then give them a link to the entire story. It's great to have multiple story angles in the newsletter, but less info inside each section is more. Make your newsletter sexy. Make it a real tease! One juicy bite is enough to draw readers in. (Think magazine cover.)

e-newsletters provide a sweet ways to build website traffic2. Is there eye-candy to keep that love letter engaging? Break up the copy with visuals. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, use fewer real words and let images do some of the talking. An example. One of my favorite e-newsletters is from photoblogger Diana Pappas. She gives subscribers a (stunning!) photo a day -- and almost little else.

Don't just occasionally give a gift.  ALWAYS give something special. 3. Give your Valentines something special! Can you be more generous in this newsletter relationship as a rule? Readers would love a discount on your services. Or how about a link to related free ebooks? And guess what: If you provide a link to something absolutely AWESOME that's not on YOUR site, we promise to come back to you, luv!

In other words, email newsletter marketing is relationship marketing. Step closer by being user-friendly and service oriented. That's the only way to romance busy readers these days.

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