Online Marketing: YOU Are Media Content, and Content Is King

If in the online marketing world "Content Is King," then YOU are media content. You are what's called media inventory, in the same business as your favorite TV shows, newspapers or radio DJs. Your thoughts, talents, and activities are educating and/or entertaining someone on a regular basis. Believe it or not, this puts you in the same catagory as Oprah, Dr. Phil, Sex In the City, The Today Show, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, and The New York Times!

But: Perhaps your only media outlet at present is the Internet, in the form of your business website or blog. If that's the case, isn't it time to turn up the volume? Increase the number of "affiliate stations" that carry your *show*? Get more ears and eyeballs dedicated to what you have to say?

In other words, how many more ways can you syndicate and expontially expand your sphere of influence? Having one or two ways for people to learn your information simply is no longer good enough. Establishing multiple points of entry is cruicial if you want to be discovered.

Consider these 5 online marketing strategies and tactics for moving your visibility needle a few notches. For the most part, they're no-brainers, these faves of mine. In future posts, I'll provide a review of some others.

1. Article Marketing

Register at sites such as and and simply copy your best blog posts there. Whatever your topic, just be sure you're providing useful information that countless others can use. Write with authority -- you're the subject matter expert imparting your great learnings to help others. In the case of ezine Articles, others can reprint your articles onto their website for free, as long as they include the link back to your site. With Associated Content, you can include photographs that showcase whatever you're selling or otherwise writing about. These articles can't be copied by the world-at-large, but it's a fairly high-profile information source where you can write just about anything you want. I've used it strategically to interview others I've wanted to power network with. Great results!

2. Squidoo Lens

A Squidoo lens (or page) is where you write with authority about your subject of choice, informing readers of various angles of the topic. You spend a few hours writing your Squidoo lens and can just leave it there without it needing daily maintenance. Although for best Google refreshing results, it's better to tweak the page minimally each week or so, so the search engine will come pick up what's new. What I love about Squidoo is its so Google-friendly. Google (and other search engines) send plenty of traffic to my Squidoo lenses each day. I've also created Squidoo lenses for an artist client, so you can make nice money providing this service for offline associates in your community who're seeking a greater online presence.


I'm also a fan of Scribd, which I consider an excellent free ebooks or PDF library. Of course, just about anything you write, any art you create, or photography you're showcasing can make for an interesting PDF. Anyone visiting the community is welcome to download whatever they like and "take-with." Best of all, the free ebooks or PDFs you upload to Scribd are extremely Google-friendly. I've realized wonderful traffic to marketing plans, photo essays, and more I've posted there. You can join various groups on the site as well, to start the traffic ball rolling. Just put your URL in the downloadable PDF and on the site's intro page about your document, and you're rolling. Be sure to use the StumbleUpon, Delicious, and other bookmark services Scribd provides for each document you're leaving there.

4. BlogCatalog Group

I only recently joined BlogCatalog and already love it. Not only have I discovered several great blogs, I've joined a few groups through which this blog is enjoying nice visibility. I've been a part of MyBlogLog for a while (for my other blog, South Side Star). But I think the ease of using BlogCatalog and its additional cross-networking avenues may have MyBlogLog beat. What's more just yesterday my message exchanges with another member there revealed that something we have in common should have a group there, at BlogCatalog. Many of the groups are widely trafficked, and those who create them seem to derive great benefits as well. (Example: Mona's Women Bloggers Group.) I'll probably start a group, and if you're already with BlogCatalog, you might do this, too!

5. Yahoo! Groups

Awesome. Busy. Pervasive. Yahoo! has a lively group for just about anything you're interested in. And I mean anything! I belong to several there: Chicago bloggers, St. Louis critical mass, New York Publicity Club, Entertainment PR, Etsy Newbies, Small Business Marketing, Chicago Women In Publishing, Articles4your2use4Promotion, and Black Business Online Network. I include a signature link with everything I post and receive excellent traffic here and at my Etsy art photography store, Urban Islands. I've also rounded up a great pool of freelance writers to hire by posting at a couple of these sites.

Do yourself a needle-mover: Pick one of the above that you haven't already implemented and make it happen before the week ends. Keep doing this and other work to expose your business, talent, or skills and before you know it, you'll truly be tapped for bigger and better things in '08!

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