Marketing Ideas For Artists Seeking Free Advertising

One of my New Year's Resolutions involves marketing my photography online, to support an interesting offline opportunity that recently manifested. This led me to set up a photography sales site at Etsy called Urban Islands. Hope you'll check out the fine art photography prints, posters, and photo note cards I'm now selling at Etsy!

The process of routing around in the Etsy forum and visiting some of the other sellers' sites and blogs brought a few interesting tidbits to my attention. Thought I'd share a few of them quickly with you:

-- Did you know that like Etsy, other artists and artisan sales sites have cropped up, I suppose serving more of a niche than the all-encompassing Ebay? These sites also look great and offer creative types exposure opportunities and sales tools:

-- One cool tip I picked up from an Etsy seller involves a business card exchange network. A few of the artists mail each other a stack of business cards. So whenever your pal makes an art or craft sale, s/he'll insert your business card in the package going to their customer. And vice versa. What a great referral endorsement and word-of-mouth advertising tactic from someone who's already influential with a given shopper.

One needn't be an artist for this social networking practice to work. Whatever your field or specialty, you can likely establish a similar support system. Whether you're selling baked goods, web design, ebooks, or massage therapy services, this could work well for you. Online and off, networking equals marketing power -- and increased sales!

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