5 Reasons Small Business Marketers, Consultants and Freelancers Need Blogs

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Increasingly, small business marketers, consultants and freelancers need a blog -- here's why:

If you're a business consultant, freelancer, Internet marketer or small business owner, are you also a blogger? If you aren't yet supporting your business goals with a blog -- or need a reminder of why you are blogging -- here's why business blogging is more important in the marketing mix than ever.

Business blogs:

* Stimulate greater awareness for your company and brand
* Develop a community of sales leads for your services / products
* Position you as a respected, quotable expert and information source
* Facilitate new relationships and partnerships for your business
* Give a magnetic personality to your company’s core activities

If you're a small business with honing your marketing efforts among your top priorities, don't miss this New York Times article that chants the same mantra we do. In Blogging's a Low-Cost, High Return Marketing Tool, several examples of successful small business owners are profiled, each crediting having started a blog as an important tactic.

There's no doubt that blogging successfully is time consuming, and many just aren't set up to get it done well. Many top bloggers believe that posting new information once a day isn't even sufficient. With "content is king" as their mindset, the most aggressive bloggers make their blogs most discoverable as a search engine marketing tool by providing a strong stream of information -- writing constantly on a variety of related topics by which they can be found.

But increasingly, we're seeing that to increase sales and win contracts these days, running a business blog is an important tool. So if you aren't yet blogging about your business -- whether you're an automobile dealership, interior designer, art posters designer, or independent filmmaker -- now's a great time to get started.

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