eBook Marketing: A Strategic PR Tool For Media Opportunities

What small business marketing or artist promotions effort doesn't need more exposure, an expert's hand to help take great talent to the next level? Every savvy business person, entrepreneur and artist does! Consider the possibilities, using a "Beyond-To" strategic exercise:

  • Go BEYOND being a small business, retail or boutique owner TO writing a column about your industry or category in local newspapers. If you've been blogging, you may not realize it but you're 80% there already!
  • Go BEYOND being a baker, chef, or culinary educator TO penning a how-to book in PDF form that can be used to pitch a big book deal. Did you know you can include a cooking demo video inside your ebook? Let your personality shine through and step closer to securing your Food Network, HGTV, or local cable show with a simple ebook unleashed.
  • Go BEYOND being an Internet marketing expert that no one in your own city knows TO hosting a radio show in your city with national syndication a possibility. Include audio samples in your ebook, showcasing your expertise so the station can't help but notice your talent and engaging fodder.
  • Go BEYOND being a hilariously harried mom with a time deficit TO an ebook author whose humor memoirs on "better momming" tips attract the attention of a top literary agent or book publishing industry star-maker in New York.

Whatever your field, use your imagination. Everyone is an expert at a thing or two. The only difference is this: People with less talent or knowledge than you are right now taking the steps to leverage what they know. They've gotten off the couch, hit the computer in the wee hours, or hired an expert ghost writer or publicist to make it really happen.

If you have an ebook already or want to market ebooks, but need helping pulling it all together:

  • Hire a ghost writer who's experienced in writing and editing ebooks.
  • Hire a publicist or online marketer to take some of the work off your hands.
  • Give some part over to a consultant who'll help move things along before you grow discouraged about your painstaking progress.

Pet Leopard Communications seriously believes in your talent and ability to make a mark!

We'll affordably write you're ebook, create and distribute the press releases, drive traffic to your web site, and help gain you PR notice among media, publishing, and other influencers in a position to make more happen.

Write us. Let's start a conversation about how we can make it happen -- together!

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