Pay-per-placement PR

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Pay-per-placement PR received quite a backhanded compliment today at the Wall Street Journal online. A small business marketing story profiled the publicity plights and successes of Cynthia McKay, owner of Le Gourmet, a gift basket service.

After spending big money with pricey PR consultants with little to show for her investment, McKay switched to a pay-per-placement service that ultimately helped land her -- for $6,000 -- today's WSJ hit.

Still, McKay reportedly hasn't received the specific result she's hoped for: A spot on the Oprah Show. Well, it certainly may happen now. Or not. Oprah Winfrey & Company don't seem to be the types that'll fall for this trick, if you will.

Interestingly though, the article makes a strong point of pay-per-placement PR's woefully missing services: strategy development. The system can nicely land clients media exposure online and in traditional media on a per-hit basis. It doesn't, however, provide the additional thinking and development work likely to help people such as Ms. McKay fully leverage the WSJ piece to, say, secure a spot on Oprah.

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