Ghost Writer Of Love Ebooks -- Even Loving One's Sexy Self

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Because we're their ebook ghost writers, I can't name names. But I'm delighted to welcome two new clients into the leopard's den. Both are enthusiastic about their ventures, and so am I. Although I wonder if it's some kind of sign that both romance-themed projects landed in my lap.

One client wants an ebook for men who seek the secrets to dating success, the ability to attract any woman -- even a 9 or 10. The other, a woman in New Zealand, wants to market an ebook on... How does Seinfeld put it? The "mastering of one's domain"! (Check out the T-shirts at Cafe Press.)

Can't say I'm an expert on either subject, but I look forward to learning loads more about their timeless topics over the coming weeks. (What a challenge it was not to italicize that word. Trying hard to maintain some type of decorum here... teehee.)

Once we're done ghost writing both ebooks, I'll post a writing sample at our main cyberhome: Enter and read at your own risk.

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